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Direct Share Media

Direct Share Media has set its first steps towards the end of 2014, but its present shape is due to the rather unusual meeting of two men who have become not only partners but also good friends.


One of these men is Michał Floriańczyk. Actor, director, and producer.A graduate of acting at the PWSFTviT in Lodz. Co-founder of the Jeleniaja YouTube channel, associating over 500,000 subscribers. From 2013, assistant of three professors at the PWSFTviT. He also performed at the Stefan Jaracz theater in Lodz.


The second is Sławomir Wasilczenko. Entrepreneur, musician, drummer, and vocalist of the rock band Arrow Haze, with whom in 2012 in cooperation with Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol) he released the Music Factory album. Founder of the Rock Motive clothing brand. Raised (for the most part) in Belgium.


Combining business abilities with artistic approach and passion for the film, they gathered a group of talented people, who think in a similar way, around them and devoted their time to creating a creative agency.

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